Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Shift In Health Policy You Haven’t Heard About | ThinkProgress

The Big Shift In Health Policy You Haven’t Heard About | ThinkProgress sheds light on the Congressional Budget Office's new work to develop models that will recognize and give credit to delivery efficiencies and behavior modifications that lead to reducing health care costs.

This could have a profound effect on health care reform and is a very exciting development in the ongoing debate.

In other words, we may be looking at eventual formal and monetary recognition of consumers' efforts to build a culture of health for themselves and their families.

Caduces is working now to build easy-to-use tools to gather, capture, understand, and control all the health data about all your family members.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Social Media, Crowdsourcing, and A Young Life Saved

I attended Patients 2.0 last October and listened to story after story about the new breed of 'Patient' - the networked patient.
At that same time, there was a heated public debate in the social media marketing space about online privacy, how to protect privacy, how privacy has been invaded and data stolen, how the general public might be feeling about this invasion, and what would be the fallout.
So, when the floor was opened to questions, I raised the question of privacy with the speakers on the stage. The overwhelming response was that privacy is the last concern for people with serious illnesses and their families. They're looking for answers, support, advice, a treatment that will save their lives.
It's just becoming more and more common for people to turn to their online communities for help. Following is an incredible story and interview by Matt Lauer on the Today Show just this week about a mother, her son, and how Facebook helped save his life.
WATCH: How Facebook Saved My Son's Life on the Today Show